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July 17, 2017 - German Albanian Logistics Agency (Durres) together with EMS Log (Bremen) has finished a demanding special transport from Durres to Sheper. They brought a bottling system for sparkling water to the remote mountainous area in southern Albania. The sensitive cargo arrived without a scratch after a ride of 200 km over extremely rough terrain. more...



June 16, 2017 - EMS-Fehn-Group celebrated the successful completion of the TAP project yesterday in the port of Durres/Albania. During a 15-months-period 135,000 tons of pipes and bends were discharged and transported without a single incident. The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) is currently the most important infrastructure project in the Southern Balkan and reaches from the Turkish-Greek border to Italy. TAP is part of a pipeline which covers the distance of 3500 kilometres and will connect gas fields in the Caspian Sea with Europe.  more...



Northwest Crewing is extending its portfolio: The company is now offering „Occupational health and safety management systems“. The system includes risk assessment of working environments and the implementation of measurement to minimize those risks. According to Managing Director Jens Feuerhake,  NWC is now able to carry out audits according to OHSAS 18001 (the future ISO 45001), preparing and supporting external certification processes for ISO 45001 and staff training. NWC has experienced lead and internal auditors to exercise internal audits according to ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment). The company is responsible for quality management of all 20 companies of EMS-Fehn-Group and has also external clients.



EMS APO is not only active port terminal operations, but also in culture. The terminal operator in the port of Durres sponsors the stage play „Romance ne vitin 2025“ (Romance in the year 2025). The story is about a divorced Albanian woman, that fears loneliness and from despair falls in love with a robot. Author is the Albanian writer, actor and director Erand Sojli. Thanks to the generous sponsorship by EMS APO the play tours several cities in Albania in the forthcoming months.



EMS-Fehn-Group announced at the TransportLogistics in Munich today, that a new company has been founded in Bergen/Norway. „EMS-Fehn-Group Scandinavia AS“ offers logistics services with a focus on project logistics and crane services in the Nordic countries. EFG Scandinavia is part of EMS-Fehn-Group, which now consists of 20 companies with offices in Leer, Bremen, Hamburg, Lübeck, Dortmund, Leverkusen, Bergen, Helsinki, Riga, Bolzano, Genoa, Palermo, Durres, Skopje, St. Petersburg and Ft. Lauderdale.

„With EFG Scandinavia we not only move closer to our long standing customers in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland,“ says Manfred Müller, CEO of EMS-Fehn-Group. „The company also adds new skills to the whole of EMS-Fehn-Group, as the team of EFG Scandinavia is experienced in the eld of logistics and crane services. We are con dent, that our new member company will grow substantially over the next months given the robust economic situation in this business.“

Tom-Roar Solhaug, Managing Director of EFG Scandinavia, underlines: „We see high potentials for a company like ours. The Nordic countries offer a lot of opportunities for crane services and project logistics. And we will bene t from the vast amount of know-how in all areas of project logistics within EMS-Fehn-Group. Additionally we are able to make direct use of the heavy haulage equipment of our sister company Europatrans, which is already very active in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.“

EMS-Fehn-Group consists of 20 companies, active in chartering, logistics, special transports, world-wide yacht transport, ship management (currently 17 vessels), stevedoring, terminal operations, warehousing, intra-logistics and crewing and employs about 200 staff members ashore and 180 aboard from 11 nations.

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